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This is the latest version of SweatShop the Card Game as of 5/18/15


SweatShop is a competitive card game where players match sets to see who can make the most money on below-minimum wage. Match items to gain their value and boost your income with sponsors, but watch out for unexpected events and other players hell-bent on taking everything you've got. It's an all-out dog-eat-dog race to survive. Forge tenuous alliances, destroy your competition, and scramble to secure whatever's possible.


SweatShop began as an educational/serious game meant to inform players of the plight of sweatshop workers around the globe. To be more approachable, the game uses a lighter tone and focuses on the experience of desperately trying to make gains in a climate that is both predatory and isolationary.

For every gain the player makes, they're kept in check by other player's hostility and the stark realization that, even in winning, they've hardly made progress at all. The seemingly low goal of making two dollars evolves into a daunting challenge and every turn begins with both panic and paranoia as players try to secure their lot, all the while knowing that it could disappear without warning.

In creating SweatShop we wanted to inform through fun, without losing the message in approachable and understandable gameplay. We don't underestimate our audience and we don't believe that the only way to inform is to lecture. We only hope that in playing you consider, and share the experience with your family and friends.

With that in-mind we'd like to thank you, the player.

We hope that you enjoy our game.


-The SweatShop Team

A game by

Paul Gomez

Brandon Partner

Andrew Graves

Dan Kahn

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Install instructions

Download the zip and print out the deck PDF, then look over the rules and get to playing!


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